Welcome to the Chaffey College Faculty Association's (CCFA) website!

CCFA is exclusively responsible for negotiating the wages, hours, working conditions, and employee / employer relations of all full-time and part-time faculty working at Chaffey College's Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Chino campuses, and teaching online classes through Distance Education. The Association is governed by a Representative Council, comprised of full and part-time faculty from all schools and a variety of disciplines who are dedicated advocates of the professional, economic and human rights of all Chaffey College faculty.

CCFA works closely with the Faculty Senate to promote faculty involvement across the college. Both the Faculty Association and the Faculty Senate strongly believe in shared governance and consider faculty leadership from all areas of the college to be vital to providing a quality education to our students. For more than thirty years, since the formation of CCFA, the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Association have spoken in alliance with one another. Both bodies understand the role of the other and have worked to complement each other in order to effectively promote the rights of faculty and students. It is through this unified voice that faculty have agency with our administration and Governing Board.

With this in mind, remember that one of the most powerful ways of expressing this unity is through your voluntary membership! The closer CCFA's membership mirrors the demographics of the more than 800 faculty employed at Chaffey, the more effective the Association's collective bargaining and advocacy efforts are in making a positive difference in the professional livelihoods of faculty.

This website serves these efforts by providing faculty with the information and documents needed to be a pro-active employee and educator. Among the valuable resources, you'll find links to the current "agreement" (aka contract), contact information for your representatives on Rep Council and Grievance Officers, and additional information on the multiple benefits of joining CCFA. We hope this site proves useful to you, and welcome your suggestions for further serving our members!

- CCFA President, Bret McMurran

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